Saturday, March 13, 2010

the month in review!

Still going strong! I haven't lost any weight (still 148), but I'm starting to tone up (at least that's what I hear). I'm still consistently at the gym and running 3 days a week AND a 5K each time. My time is getting better as well. A comfortable pace for me has been about an 11 minute mile, but I can hold a 10 minute mile for a decent amount of time...and for a short distance (2/10 of a mile) hold a 9 minute mile.

Two weeks ago, I ran outside for the 1st time. It was an absolutely beautiful day, so Scott suggested I run on the Sante Fe Trail to get a feel for being off the treadmill (and to enjoy the weather). It was definitely different from the treadmill, and I was sore the next day, but my time was okay. I ran the 3 miles in just at 36 minutes. Not great, but not too bad either being I hadn't yet run outside.

Last weekend I complete the Neilson 2-mile Challenge at Monument Park. Did okay on time there too. Finished in 23:46. This was a trail run and about 100 people showed up. Not too much hype and everybody kinda did their own thing.

TODAY, I finally raced a 5K (remember, my previous one was snowed out). It was the perfect day; sun was out, a slight chill in the air @ 55 degrees, and it was packed downtown. I started mid-pack (i think) and kept a steady pace. My goal, in January, was to run a 5K WITHOUT stopping. I can now check that off my list! My time wasn't too bad either, finishing @ 34:23. This race was surely different from the 2-miler last weekend...a lot more people! and there seemed to be a lot more hype at the starting line and crossing the finish.

Overall, I'm pretty proud of myself! It feels great to accomplish a goal, in writing, and not just on a treadmill. My next 5K is scheduled in April. I'll keep you all posted.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Week in Review

The week:

FINALLY ran 3.1 miles without stopping...wha-whooo!!! I have found that the first 1.5 miles are the hardest. It must take my body that long to get into a groove?.

I only ran 2-days this week (due to the race), but both days were 3 milers, with NO stops! Those runs felt so fantastic. The one I ran yesterday was the best yet. I felt like I could have kept running. The last mile, I picked up the pace...the last 3/10 of a mile I ran @ a 10 minute mile! Honey was right, I little commitment will get me there. 5K race was postponed. The weather was too yucky for it. The bad news is, they've postponed it to a weekend I can not race on. So, I'll pick a new 5K for early March, and give myself an extra 2 weeks to be consistent at running, without stopping. No biggy!

Diet! I haven't gained any weight, but I also haven't lost any either. THAT SUCKS!! I just have 12lbs to loose. I'll be happy with 12 more pounds. That puts me in the mid-130's and I'm very comfortable there. I feel good (about food) and I look good (naked). Over Spring Break, we're going to Dallas to visit my family (1/2 way point for mom and dad, and my oma and opa and cousins live there, along with my sister in Austin). Since we'll all be there, and Joey is finally here, we're taking pics. That means I've gotta get some weight off before then! Science says, "eat 500 calories less a-day, for a week, and you'll loose a pound a week." So here's the plan...
  1. Keep up the running, without stopping (3 miles is about 300 calories)
  2. STOP eating dessert every night (about 300-500 calories alone)
  3. stay away from processed sugar (the body metabolizes it differently than natural sugar, like in fruit)
  4. continue with portion control of my already healthy meals
  5. curb the snacking in between meals to no more than 3, b/t breakfast and lunch, b/t lunch and dinner, and maybe a snack an hour before bed. (this keeps up the metabolism, and prevents the body from getting "hungry")

We'll see how this works. According to science and math, it's suppose to! Less food in, more energy burnt equals weight loss!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 12 came vomit, Day 13 a tad better

Day 12
Got off to a bad start. Left work on time, but when I got into the gym's locker room I had NO SHOES...AARRR! Because of the 6 inches of snow on the ground, I went home to get the shoes instead of having Scott load up the kids and bring them to me. Needless to say, I was bombarded at the door...cooked dinner...did a little core exercise...ATE dinner (my mistake)...and then went to the gym.

AT the gym, and got on the treadmill next to some FUNKY ass dude. He STUNK so bad...I couldn't tell if it was his breathe or the sweat from his pores, but he stunk and it wasn't B.O. SO on a slightly full belly and running next to a nasty dude, I begin to feel my stomach turn. 2.0 miles in, I vomit in my mouth...yep! I swallow it back down and go home!

Day 13
Ran tonight much later than I usually run...7:15pm. I came home 1st and ate (I above)..but this time I let my food (filet, sweet potato, and creamed spinach, thank you honey!)settle a little longer. Once I dropped Eric off at church, I headed to the gym. For some reason it was tough tonight (again, probably the food I ate). I started off fine, but didn't get very far (1 mile) before I needed to walk. Got 1/2 mile more and had to stop again. So I brought the speed down to 4.0mph, and put the treadmill on an incline for a while.

The last mile I busted out! 5.5mph for a 1/2 mile, 6.0mph till the 2.7 mile, and the last stretch @ 7mph. All done for the for me!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day 11..another run down

Day 11:
Another run today, thanks to Carrie! She kept the kids for me (Scott was working) so I could get my run in b/c I didn't go yesterday. I really wanted to go this morning, but I was just so incredibly exhausted this morning I couldn't bare to go. I slept until quarter after 9, and by 10:30 this morning, I could barely keep my eyes open. I fell asleep on the couch until shortly after noon. So after a very lazy morning, I kicked myself into gear!

This was a needed run! I have found now that 5.0mph is too slow of a pace. I actually trip over my feet. Today I ran 1.6 miles (1/10 of a mile more without stopping) @ a 5.3mph pace. That pace felt really great. I did my 2 minute walk (3.3mph) and ran the next last mile @ a 5.5mph pace. The last 4/10 of a mile was at a 5.7 mph pace and the very last 2/10 of a mile @ a 6mph pace. Yes, lots of numbers, but all in all, I'm getting better (and faster).

The goal is still to run the 5K without stopping...speed is not a factor this 1st go-round. I'm working on running 1/10 of a mile longer, without stopping, each day! So far so good. Feb. 20th is race day, and it looks like I'll make my goal!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day 9 and 10...wha-whooo!

Day 9:
Monday morning run! I didn't really want to get up, but knew I needed to, so I did. The problem was I hit the snooze button one (or two) times too many. So I got a late start (really late) and ran out of time before needing to be at work. I ran the 2.6 miles and definitely could have kept going, but time is time and I was for sure out of time! By the time I left the gym, it was already 7:30 and I hadn't taken a shower yet! Sure enough, I arrive at work 2 minutes shy of kids walking in the door...whew! I was aggravated with myself for sleeping an extra 10 (20)minutes, but I still felt okay b/c I could have kept going...I surely wasn't ready to stop running. To make-up for the lack of time I had available, I picked up the pace to 6mph for the last 0.5 not so bad.

Day 10:
Great run tonight! I left work at 4pm (my commitment to myself) and made it to the gym 15 minutes later. The treadmill I like to run on was available :) and the run on it felt great. I ran a solid 1.5 miles, without stopping..go me. I took my minute off and then kicked it back into gear. The strange thing was, my 5.0mph pace seemed a little slow tonight. So I kicked the pace up to 5.5mph...and then to 6.0mph (10 minute mile). That felt right...I little bit of a push,, but still felt good. At the 3.0 mile mark, I kicked up the pace even more and finished the last 1/10 of a mile at a 7mph pace! Yep, that's a 8 minute was fast, but the last spurt felt really great!

I think my these past few really great runs have been so great b/c I've figured out the eating thing. I've upped my carbs...I think I just needed a few more for my body to make it where I needed it too go! The 3-day a week runs are something that I'm really beginning to look forward to....and I'm actually finding myself needing them. They help me burn off any stressors of the day, they give me peace and quiet, and get my heart pumping which just feels really great.

Less than 20 days until the 5K and now, more than ever, I believe I will be able to finish out that 5K, without stopping!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 7, awful...Day 8, the BEST yet!

Day 7:
Just to sum it up...CRAP! Couldn't run more than 11 minutes and I was suppose to run 15 minute intervals. Never even made it to 3.1 miles.

Day 8:
With two days off and pizza 2 nights in a row, I'd better have run...and did I ever! I went with a little different approach tonight. Since my goal is to be able to run the 5K without stopping (not for time), then I probably should focus on increasing my distance in intervals, vs. increasing my time in intervals.

I hit the gym @ 5:30 this evening and was able to get on the treadmill I like! I walked my 3 minute warm up @ a 3mph pace. After 3 minutes I began my jog @ a 5.0mph pace. I think this pace helped me go farther for longer. I knew I could run a solid mile, so I set my goal for 1.2 miles. Once 1.2 miles were run, I still felt good, so I kept going until 1.5 miles (yep a mile-and-a-half). That 1.5 miles had never felt so good! I slowed back down to a 3mph pace for 2 minutes. Then I finished up the 5K at 2 5.5mph pace...yep, you read that 2 minute walk in between and that was it, even with a faster pace. I felt like I could have kept going, but I didn't. My commitment is 3.1 miles, 3 days a week.

As I hopped off the treadmill, I felt like giving myself a little cheezy high five. (i didn't... so not cool.) But, instead I smiled at my accomplishment, especially after 2 crappy runs in a row. (haha.."crappy runs") I am proud of, for not giving up after 2 yuck runs, and two b/c I did it, and it felt great.

All and all, even after a very mixed emotional week, I still stuck with my commitment. Another run tomorrow...and I'll keep you posted!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 6...SUCKED!

Not a great run, at all! Scott ran an 8-mile race this morning, so the morning run was out for me. No problem, so I get to sleep late. I enjoyed the day with the kids and got a little house work done. Come 3:00, I really needed to get to the gym...we had friends coming over for dinner and I hadn't been to the grocery yet! So off to the gym I go.

ALL, but one treadmill was taken. No problem, I grabbed one of the ones that does the automatic speed adjustment thingy. I do my one-minute walk and begin my run. 13:1 minute intervals! OMG, running for 13 minutes is HARD!! I bust through the 1st set, but needed to walk for the 2 minutes. I begin the 2nd set and get through about 8 minutes and, again, I begin to loose my peripheral vision and I slow down. Well that didn't help, I trip...totally loosing cool points. I keep going and at about 2.5 miles, I trip again. That's it...I'm done! I'm going to kill myself on the stupid treadmill.

Needless to say, I'm pissed off @ myself. Sleep wasn't to blame, but maybe not enough carbs today was? Or maybe my body does better in the AM, or maybe I'm out of shape? Who knows? I'll run again Monday with 15:1 minute intervals. I'll keep you posted!